Intellectual property and how this is killing Malaysia

Being involved in a local film project recently, I finally get a real in-your-face experience how plain ignorance can easily destroys collaborative efforts that took years to produce.

When the film was about to be aired, I have seen so many comments made on the Facebook asking when it is going to be streamed or downloaded in torrents.

This is sad, considering the producer and writers took them years to realised this dream.

I believe this has nothing to do with education in certain way – I have taught students and given many guest lectures out there, and already from this level most of them have bought/downloaded pirated movies and already using pirated softwares. The fact is while they were in the college, they have been taught to respect intellectual property rights. There were talks given – but all fell to deaf ears, or just would not want to set their principle straight.

I believe the best way for them to realise this issue sometimes, is to have them taste their own medicine. Only if they have gone through the hard work and realising their only source of income is to rely on people to appreciate and purchase their product, but ended up, pirates stealing their ideas they would understand how painful it is.

There is an experiment perhaps we can do – apply a “hidden” syllabus inside the education system which at the end, made the students realise of the impact through the very actions they were doing.

I believe this would give a stronger understanding that why it is so important to respect and support intellectual rights. This builds economy and thrives business – when there is no active industry in your own country, there will be less jobs. So if you are sitting at your cubicle right now thinking why life is so unexciting and why there are not enough exposure or chances given to you, is because when you support pirates, you are suffocating the industry, and slowly, your life too.

Thanking someone

Besides remembering your friends – if you’re in business, also thank your associates/clients-friends that have helped you in many unselfish ways. To some they may thank God for that, but I personally thank these people instead because they are the one that thought of you and decided to help you out.

Nobody influenced their choices – they like you, they appreciate you, so they help you. It’s the very same choice you made when you decided to help someone worthy, unselfishly.

If you really want to thank God, I believe one should think of much bigger things :)